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Best of Socotra from September to May

We are able to organize trips for three days, five days, one week, and two weeks and so on

See below for itinerary and highlights for one week program (sample only). We can tailor make tours and weight them according to your interests, whether they be botanical, scenery, hiking, just touring, speleological, camel tours,  bird watching, sun bathing/sitting, beach combing, fishing,  scuba diving, snorkeling, or boat trips, paragliding etc

If you have any other idea which is different from what is already mentioned above, then try to write us at  info@atsi-socotra.com

Al-Hamed Tourism Agency 7 -day itinerary

Day 1: Arrival on Socotra

We will pick you up at the airport and transport you to Socotra Tourist hotel. After lunch we will drive you to Ayhaft Canyon where you can enjoy swimming in a large fresh water pool, wide variety of endemic plants and trees such as bottle trees, Tamarind trees and frankincense can be found there as well as wide variety of endemic plants. In fact Ayahaft is known as natural site due to its large abundance of endemic trees, plants and birds.

Dinner and overnight at Socotra tourist hotel in Hadibo.

Day 2:  Qalansyia / Detwah Protected Area.

After Breakfast we will drive to the western part of the island where a little fishermen’s town of Qalansyia is located. It consists of traditional Socotri houses, narrow alleyways and a long beach full of fishing boats ready to set off for today’s catch or to take you to Shu’ab beach.

We will continue to neighboring Detwah lagoon which is a marine protected area renowned for its magic landscape. You will be charmed by a white sandy tongue surrounded by turquoise waters of the bay. This surely is one of the best views on the island. You can swim in the shallow sea there and enjoy the paradise. Only be careful with sting rays that can be seen in the lagoon. There is also an array of sea birds to be seen in the lagoon.

Dinner and overnight in Detwah eco-camping site.

Day 3: Sandy beach of  Shua’ab

After breakfast in Detwah, we will go for a boat trip to Shu’ab. We will surely meet some Spinner Dolphins along the way with cormorants flying over our heads. Once at Shu’ab, we can have a look at a mangrove area. We will have a lunch on the long and clean Shu’ab beach. In the afternoon, feel free to swim and enjoy this pristine place. In late afternoon, we will take a boat ride back to Qalansyia. Line fishing is possible from the boat if you want to catch your today’s dinner.

Dinner and overnight in Detwah eco-camping site.

Day 4: Diksam plateau

After breakfast, we will make our way by 4×4 vehicle to Diksam plateau and Shebahon viewpoint. This area is renowned for dragon blood trees, the resin of which is collected, used and traded by the people of Socotra. The area is also home to the endemic and rare Socotra Bunting (estimated at 1,000 pairs). The Shebahon viewpoint gives a fabulous vista overlooking Daerhu  canyon (wadi) where we will see unusual yet beautiful rock formations. We will then make our way down to the wadi for lunch and an easy walk and maybe also a swim in a freshwater pool with a natural slide.

Dinner and overnight in Diksam plateau.

Day 5: The South, Amek sandy beach,

After breakfast we will drive to the south of the island, with visits to villages along the way.  Our first destination is Amak beach where we can swim in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. After lunch will visit Dagub cave overlooking the southern coast., then visit sand dunes of Hayf and Zahek which have been pushed up against the mountainside by the seasonal winds of Socotra. If you are still fit, you can climb the dunes for a view that is truly worth the effort.

Dinner and overnight in Amaq eco-campsite

Day 6: Dihamri Marine Protected Area

After breakfast we will drive to nearby Dihamri marine protected area. It boasts with one of the richest coral reefs on the archipelago. You can relax on the beach in palm leaf huts and swim and snorkel in DihamriBay. Snorkeling gear can be hired there. Marine species you will see underwater include: Parrotfish, Moray eel, Rays, Sea urchins, if you are lucky you will meet turtles. You can do two dives here one in the morning while the other will be in the afternoon. All equipments are available at Dihamri Campsite.

Dinner and overnight in Dihamri eco-campsite.


Day 7: Hoq Cave /Rosh Marine Protected Area

This morning, we will make an early start to drive to the base of Hoq cave in Terbak village. Before the sunshine gets too hot, we will walk up to the entrance of the Cave. It is more than 3 km long with a water pool at the end and holds a wealth of Socotri history. Inside, you will see ancient stalactites, stalagmites and crystallic formations. Ancient writings on the cave walls and also what appears to be a picture of an old trading ship have been preserved over the ages by a calcite glaze. There is also evidence to suggest that the cave was once used for ritual purposes by the presence of mysterious ‘alters’. Then we will drive to Ar-Ar fresh water creek and beach to spend the rest of the day. In Ar-Ar you can relax on green grass around the creek, swim in the sea or if you feel fit you can climb a huge sand dune to get a fantastic view over this charming spot.

Dinner and overnight at Socotra tourist hotel in Hadibo.

Day 8: Departure from Socotra

After an early breakfast, we will drive you to the Socotra airport for flying back to the mainland

We can prepare personalized programs depending on your interest

Contact us for a quotation   info@atsi-socotra.com